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Online Projects

Three Angels

Three Angels, a graphic score by Kenneth Wilkinson is used as a basis to explore interpretation of a graphic score. It is written for a saxophone ensemble of six or more saxophonists.

Online Projects


Be part of a saxophone ensemble performing Vi by Charlotte Harding.

Online Projects


Sarah Markham take you through the use of multiphonics, often used in saxophone compositions.

Online Projects

Canonic Suite

A project based around Canonic Suite for saxophone quartet.

Online Projects

How to Teach the Saxophone

An eight part course given by Yamaha performing artist and Vandoren performing artist Sarah Markham.

Online Projects


Sarah Markham guides the saxophonist through the developmental stages needed for a secure altissimo range.

Online Projects


The aim of this project is to produce a recording of a saxophone quartet work with musicality, nuance and cohesion working totally online.

Online Projects


An interpretation of pages from one of the most influential contemporary music scores: Treatise by Cornelius Cardew.