• In Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Fuzzy Bird Sonata the saxophone depicts a bird running, singing, and flying.
  • Paule Maurice’s Tableau de Provence depicts the countryside of the Provence region of France.
  • We hear the distinctive flavours of Spain, Russia, France, Hungary, and Paris in Pierre Max Dubois’s Pieces Caractéristiques En Forme de Suite.
  • A new Sonata by James Rae features cirrus clouds and the Eurostar (world premiere recording).
  • Richard Rodney Bennett’s Three Piece Suite presents a melancholic samba, a homage to Scott Joplin, and funk inspired fugal finale.
  • To finish, a performance of Debussy’s Syrinx.

With pianist Paul Turner, Sarah Markham takes you on a journey that invokes dance, serenade, mourning, fluffy clouds on a summer day, beautiful countryside and birds, as well as “run, sing, fly”.

Sarah Markham is a Yamaha performing artist and a Vandoren performing artist.