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Terms & Conditions

Quirk Music Terms & Conditions

If you have any problems relating to sales from this website please contact us directly by email: music@quirkmusic.co.uk, or use the website contact form (located at the bottom of the page). If you have technical issues that affected your purchase, don't worry, there are numerous ways we can fulfill your purchase/s.

Feel free to contact us with any questions before purchasing, as all sales of digital goods (including scores and audio) are final once a download link has been provided by email. There are no refunds once a download link has been sent.

Scores & Audio

If you notice mistakes in scores or problems with supporting audio material please contact us. Where possible we will make corrections, and send you updated material.

Online Projects

Our online projects consist of a mix of materials:
Scores, documents and diagrams
Audio files
Video files
Live online sessions

You will need an adequate broadband connection to take part in online projects. As a rough guide, if you can watch online movies (Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.) then your connection should be fine.

During live online sessions it is important that all participants feel comfortable, please be aware of your surroundings and where you choose to participate.